The future of your housing.

Become a sun hero with us.

Covert sunlight into energy

Reduce your electricity costs

Make a contribution
for the environment

Solar cells BRF

Take your organization to a greener future, let the sun pay for the change. For a tenant-owner association, solar cells and charging infrastructure are the natural step into the future. By installing solar cells, your BRF has good opportunities to reduce the total operating cost, at the same time as it increases the future value of the properties and condominiums.

Solution you can trust. In all weather conditions.

Solar PV is an investment that brings value to the environment, the residents and the association’s finances. With our unique concept, the entire electricity consumption of your organization can be produced via solar cells, which increases the chances of a profitable solar investment. You can even let the sun pay for the installation of your charging stations – without having to raise your tariffs!

Solar cells give BRF a bright future.

It is possible to increase your revenue for a housing association by efficient use of the roof space. Our installers and electricians are both skilled and experienced, and they’ll make sure your solar panels work properly – in all weather conditions!  

Our total solution makes it easy for both the board and residents to undergo a solar PV and charging pole installation. We’ll be with you throughout the project, making sure everything is done right – whether it’s managing and administering charging or solar PV.


Safety and security.

As your solar PV supplier, you can feel secure before, during and after your PV system is installed. By taking advantage of our service agreement, you can sit back and relax while we ensure that your system is working optimally – even after installation is complete.


Meet some of our sun heroes.

Christer Olsson. Chairman of the Board, BRF Lekandria.

"The response from the Association was only positive!"

Hans Hallin. Technical manager, BRF Stagseglet.

"It's just to give a feather in the cap to the crew at El av Sol."

Here's how to get started with Solar PV.

From start-up to turnkey installation in your BRF.



We will meet at a first meeting and go through your needs and conditions so that you can make a decision.




Energy experts at our design department present a unique solution, specially developed for you. Based on that, you can then make a well-thought-out decision.



The project is planned in detail so that everything is in place and ready to start. We have secured all the necessary permits and have well trained personel ready to begin working.



Construction is gaining momentum – soon your solar modules will be installed and ready.



We go through operation, safety and do a comprehensive inspection of the plant. You can also sign a service agreement with us, so that we can take responsibility for your daily monitoring.



You now produce your own electricity. Sit back and save on both – your money and the environment.